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StarClan Resident
Personal Information
Affiliations WindClan[5], StarClan[6]
Gender Male[7]
Rank StarClan Resident[8]
Status Deceased
Yewkit[11], Owlpaw[12]
Mentor(s) Webfoot[13]
Other Information
Appearances Faded Boundaries, The Broken Shadow, Waning Moon, Trail of Ashes

Weaselfur is a lithe ginger[14] tabby tom with white paws[15] and golden eyes[16].

History Edit

Faded Boundaries Edit

The morning after the Gathering island is flooded, Bumblestripe tells Squirrelflight that he found Mistystar and Weaselfur. He starts to say that they want the cats to gather, but he is interrupted by a horrified wail.

The Broken Shadow Edit

When Darkbreeze and Silentpaw meet on the border, Darkbreeze complains that Weaselfur has it out for her because of how many patrols he sends her on, and jokes that if he makes her patrol before dawn again, that someone will lose their whiskers.
Later, when Darkbreeze and Silentpaw meet again, Darkbreeze says she won't be able to meet with Silentpaw again for a while because Weaselfur wants her for patrols.

Waning Moon Edit

Weaselfur is seen growling at Sol when Breeze takes over the Gathering, asking what Sol was yowling about. He is also seen sitting beside Squirrelflight.
While WindClan and ThunderClan are traveling to the next Gathering, Darkbreeze says that Weaselfur stayed behind in camp.

Trail of Ashes Edit

When Snowfall's patrol meets up with a WindClan patrol, Darkbreeze tells the ThunderClan cats that Weaselfur has died in a battle with the rogues, and that his mate Sedgewhisker has replaced him as deputy. The news seems to worry the ThunderClan cats. Ambertalon remarks that Weaselfur wasn't the brightest cat and was a bit of a snob, but he was a good fighter. She worries that if the rogues killed him, things were worse than WindClan was letting on.

Trivia Edit

  • Weaselfur was led to StarClan by his mentor Webfoot[17].

Charart Edit


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