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Leader Jayfrost
Warriors Fox, Nachtide, Dovestorm, Spooky

Introduction Edit

This is the project for character articles on this wiki. All things related to articles for characters on this wiki are managed here. Members may edit and create character articles as they wish, members of the project or not.

Nominations Edit

In order to be considered for Silver Nomination, all articles are to have the following.

  1. All citations listed
    1. If there are no citations from the fanfiction, but there are others known, reference them from the canon books.
  2. One main quote and two minimum quotes- if there is only one notable quote, set that as the main quote
  3. All history written in proper English spelling and structure

Current Goal of the Project Edit

  1. Write full sumaries for each books in all character articles.

Rules of the Project Edit

  1. Cite all information.
  2. Only create articles for characters who actually appear in Echoes of the War. Characters who are merely mentioned, or who only appeared in the actual canon books, do not need pages created.


All information must be cited. Since this is a wiki for a fanfiction, rather than a professionally published work, what is considered a valid cite might seem a little shaky. So here is a list of what is considered a valid source for a character article:

  • Any chapters of the actual fanfic, from any site it was published on
  • The reference sheets for the characters on deviantArt, including any physical description details that can be discerned from the ref sheets (eye color, scar placement, etc.)
  • Any comments made on any site by the author Jayie the Hufflepuff about the characters that is a definitive statement (doesn't include "I think" or "perhaps"
  • Any of the canon Warriors books. If there is information that cannot be found in EotW and can only be found in canon books, use the canon books as a cite, but use EotW as your cite if possible.